Fitness & Modern Movement

Fitness & Modern Movement

Health & Wellness Meets the "Touch Of Modern" Age

Health & Wellness Meets the Touch Of Modern Age

Let us take you back. To the days when fitness found men and women alike leotards and leg warmers. It was all Jane Fonda and Jazzercise. Short of a weight bench from the Sears catalog, working out at home was rare. The gym was not only a social scene, but a hub of health that centered around bending, bouncing, thrusting, and lifting.

Fitness Is A Way Of Life

Today, fitness is something different. More than just an open invitation to the gun show, fitness is a way of life. And here at Touch Of Modern, we’re all about the gear that brings the gains. But we know that true fitness takes a holistic approach. That’s why we’ve curated a fitness collection that supports physical fitness, but also focuses on the hobbies and activities that support health and wellness as a whole.

Not Just For Gym Rats

Whether you’re a dedicated gym rat, a weekend warrior, or just an active individual who knows that their hobby is the key to good health, ToMo sees you. For those who are looking to get ripped in a traditional sense, check out our machines and trainers.

Health As A Hobby

And for those that are making the most of their hobby, these golf clubs get you on the green with a game that is golden. Is a day on the water more your thing? A paddle board is a great way to work your core and flex those adventure muscles. We even offer something for those who are doing fitness off the grid. For instance, this compact satellite communicator is a perfect companion for a remote excursion.

Let Us Help You Meet Your Goals

Regardless of how you do it, we’re of the mind that fitness is a personal journey, and we want to be there to help you all along the way. We'll keep bringing you the gear you love so that you can keep going, no matter where the road leads you.